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How To Use

Simply eating dried magic mushrooms can be less-than-palatable for some people. Classic ways to eat magic mushrooms without choking them down include:

  • Adding your magic mushrooms dose to a handful of trail mix or your favourite chocolate.
  • Putting your favourite topping on toast, and then putting your dose of magic mushrooms on a slice or two.
  • Adding your dose of magic mushrooms to a slice of pizza.


Use Of Magic Mushroom Historically

“Archaeological evidence from the Sahara desert suggests that humans have been using psychedelic mushrooms for 7,000 years or more. Mushrooms are represented in prehistoric art across many different geographic regions. In most cases, they’re thought to be religiously symbolic, often in the context of rights of passage ceremonies. If our ancestors did use mushrooms, such a powerful experience almost certainly would have influenced prehistoric culture, from art to religion to social values that regulated everyday life…


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